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Our rose bears are the perfect gift idea and symbol of sophistication and timeless love. Our artisans are devoted to producing excellence and ensuring these rose bears are carefully handmade using high-quality materials

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Our Vision

Our vision with Universal Kiss is simple -- romance in both familiar and unexpected form. The rose is a lasting symbol of the devotion of love. It is sensual, its petals conjuring the image of sensitive skin. Alluring, twisting and flowering, even the petals of a rose alone give the impression of the whole.

A single rose is both an object and symbol, a statement grown and harvested for the sake of impressing emotion on its receiver. A bouquet is an abundance of emotion, heaved into the arms of an overwhelmed, grateful heart. And beyond that, flowers, and roses in particular, are frequently installed in art pieces, as images of beauty both transient and eternal. Archways, shields, parade floats and other incarnations of art everywhere adore the rose.

The rose has always captured the imagination of the heart. As a motif, it has inspired artists, knights, kings, emperors, and the common man for thousands of years. The bold beauty of the rose can be summoned up with just a thought. Whether with thorns or without, minds across centuries turn to the rose as inspiration, motif, and a focus for emotion.

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Why Universal Kiss?

There are two types of gift which couples love to send and receive. For Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays or otherwise, a gift of roses or a sweet, cuddly toy is always likely to be welcomed! However, more and more couples are getting creative with their gifts to one another. Why not think about sending your loved one something a little bit different for your next special occasion? Introducing Rose Bears Available in a variety of sizes and made to order in the UK, rose bears are fast becoming popular gifts for couples everywhere to share. Why send a simple rose or two when you could share a rose bear? We bring together two iconic gifts that people love to share – flowers and bears – to create a stunning, soft and heartfelt gift idea available in a variety of different colors. Whether your loved one prefers pink, red, grey or cream, we will be able to help you pick the right bear for their tastes. The Personal Touch What customers love about our rose bear service is the fact that there's always a personal touch included with each delivery. If you're celebrating an anniversary or just want to show your partner how much you appreciate them, you can write a message for them to read when they receive their rose bear. A rose bear alone is a cute little gift, but with the added touch of a personal quote or message, you can deliver it to your loved one with sentiments that matter to you. Therefore, we think our bears are very customizable – they can be gifted to friends, family and partners of all ages, no matter the occasion. Know someone who loves teddy bears? What about a flower lover – or someone who loves unique gift ideas? A rose bear could make all the difference. Quality Guaranteed Another great reason why our bears make great gifts is the fact that you get great quality guaranteed. Our ATL workshop team hand-makes every single rose bear we ship. Therefore, we can always guarantee that you'll receive a bear which has been designed and crafted with the utmost care and attention. There can be a risk in buying unique gifts such as bears from overseas. For guaranteed quality with each and every purchase, we encourage you to buy from our team and workshop.